Uncle Ray's Fillet Buddy

Welcome to Uncle Ray's Fillet Buddy!

Check us out and see for yourself how easy it is to fillet fish with Uncle Ray's Fillet Buddy!  You will be happy you did!  

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Fishermen:  Your fish will NOT slip from your grip!
Hunters:  Works great for deboning deer; no more cold hands! 

These videos show how easy it is to use Uncle Ray's Fillet Buddy and also showcases Uncle Ray's Handy Dandy Boards that can be used outside or even in the kitchen!  These Handy Dandy boards can be purchased exclusively at the Pride of Dakota events or by contacting us directly!  


Uncle Ray demonstrates how to use the Uncle Ray's

Fillet Buddy on walleye and northern pike.  And check out his great Handy Dandy Board!  

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