"Just so happened that when I noticed the fillet buddy at the Pride of ND show in Fargo I had just cut the tip of my thumb trying to cut meat thin to make beef jerky.  And the place was packed.  Long story made short, I am very reluctant to buy every little gadget people invent but this one got my attention.  I just tried it cutting a few potatoes and I just can't believe how more comfortable I feel with a knife in my hand.  Thanks so much for inventing this product and I guarantee you I will be telling all my friends on Facebook!" - Mr. Joe

"My husband was always bending his fillet knives when he was trying to hold a fish fillet while skinning them.  Not only was it a dangerous way to hold the fillet, it dulled the knives also.  Enter Uncle Ray's Fillet Buddy.  The metal runs all the way through the holder, so there is no danger of it breaking in half and the points that grip the fillet hold it very secure.  My husband loves it and so do his buddies.  Guess what they are getting for Christmas?!!  This is a tool no Fisher-person or Hunter should be without!" - Jacque, Pennsylvania fisher-person 

“Using the Fillet Buddy keeps me in control of my fish fillets until the processing is done.  The Fillet Buddy allows me to clean my fish safely and effectively, keeping the fillet in place at all times.  The fit and feel of the Fillet Buddy is lightweight and comfortable.  The Fillet Buddy is durable, lightweight, and comfortable for all your filleting needs.  The Fillet Buddy is a must have for every fisherman’s tackle box.” - Richard Fink, President of Bis-Man Reel and Rec 

“I have had the opportunity to use this unique fish cleaning device for filleting walleyes over the last couple of months.  I have found it speeds up the overall process, and most importantly having been a safety professional my entire working career, it provides an added safety factor that is critical when using an electric knife or even a manual knife.  It significantly reduces the likelihood of a serious laceration hazard as it allows you to keep your fingers and hands a good 3 to 4 inches away from the point of operation.   I would highly recommend this tool to the novice or even the person who has cleaned thousands of fish, because after all, if you can keep your hands and fingers injury free, you can continue to hold that rod and pull in more fish.” - Bruce Beelman 

 “The Fillet Buddy is the best fish cleaning tool I have ever used!  It’s right next to my fillet knife!  I can’t wait to get some to give to my friends!” - William “Bill” Cornatzer, M.D.